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Adults 18+

Adult Fitness

Join Coach Walker of St. Elizabeth for Adult Fitness Classes for all levels. Everything St. Elizabeth does is done with the athlete in mind. We understand that safety is paramount and comes first. With that said, our coaches hold degrees and certifications specific to the fields of exercise science, sports performance.


Build strength and confidence as we use various training techniques to challenge ourselves. We will lift weights, run, and do all the things necessary to train the total body in a smart, safe manner. You will be challenged.  Your limits will be pushed, and you will be better because it will all be done in a smart, safe manner.

Mobility & Recovery

Not every day is a big lift day.  Recovery is important. Learn and experience the benefits of active recovery (foam roller, stretching, dynamic movement, etc.)

Move Better, Live Better

Mobility and strength lay the foundation for moving better in our daily lives. Train to move b

H.I.T Hard

Long week? Good week? Bad week? Whatever kind of week it was, let’s finish it strong with some High Intensity Training! This is a mix of weights and cardio based exercise. Experience various training styles that all improve your physical fitness and health. Lift big. Run hard. Earn your sweat and enjoy the weekend.

1:1 Training

Personal training isn’t just for athletes!

$60 for a 1 hour session
$80 for a partner session

Visit St. Elizabeth to inquire about training.

Griffin Elite Membership Options

Stop in to sign up in person.

$30 / month
$300 / year


Our Contact
(859) 331-0979

Our Hours

Mon – Fri    6:00 am – 9:00 pm
Sat – Sun    varies – see homepage

Our Location

700 Dolwick Drive
Erlanger, KY 41018