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1-On-1 Performance Training

The Certified Athletic Performance Coaches at Griffin Elite Sports & Wellness know that every client’s needs are different. We pride ourselves on complete customization directly geared to our athletes and their goals. We offer One-on-One Individual Training experiences, specifically designed to meet your needs. One-on-One Training clients benefit from an introduction to Ground Based Training session at the on-set, as well as the Griffin Elite Movement Evaluation. Our coaches will design a sport specific program, of any sport, customized to your needs.


Customized 1-On-1

The most specific and detailed training plan that we currently offer at Griffin Elite. We specifically design and implement sport specific, comprehensive training programs, that are designed for each and every athlete we encounter. Our coach’s thorough understanding of movement based science allows us to gauge and assess sport biomechanics, mobility, and specific strength qualities, needed for every athlete to attain his/her goal.

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Soccer 1-On-1

1-on-1 Soccer training is ideal for developing the all-round technique of players of all ages and abilities. Technique is the base where all soccer comes from, its the first and most important stage of any soccer players development. This targeted practice will support beginners and increase their confidence, they can then take this increased confidence into game situations.

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Basketball 1-On-1

Our private basketball training lessons here at Griffin Elite can enhance a player’s skillset & take them to the Elite level. Our trainers will evaluate your abilities to accurately create a customized program unique to the player’s individual skill-set. Our one hour training sessions may be the extra help needed to take your skills to the next level. Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced trainers!

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